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        • 商品名称: Corrugator/Section B
        • 商品编号: w02
        • 上架时间: 2011-08-12
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        Significant technical features:
        Heavy steel structure with supporting framework on which the supporting pedestal, take up conveyor and splicer can be installed.
        Take up conveyor leads the single faced web from the Single/Twin/Combi-Facer to the bridge conveyor at the synchronized speed.
        Vacuum brake-web guide installed on the top of the bridge. The single faced web runs on a hole-drilled plate connected to the vacuum box
         with a fan which creates suction. Suction created by the fan is adjustable by the operator. The single faced web coming from the bridge,
         runs between two lateral motorized guides which provide to align it with the liner coming from the mill roll stand in front of the double
         facer. Single / double layer section placed in one structure.
        Available working width 1400mm – 2500mm.

        Significant technical features:
        Pre-heating drum diameter Ф600/Ф900/Ф1100mm available.
        Pre-heating drum can be fixed, idle or motorized running.
        Motorized wrap angle adjustment.
        Wrap angle adjusting range: 60°- 220°.
        Available working width: 1200mm – 2500mm.
        Surface of preheating drum and paper guide rolls are polished and chrome plated.
        Rotary preheating roll enhance heat conduction, reduce paper break
        Motorized wrap angle adjustment
        Warping angle roll adjusted by gear transmission with good mesh to reduce the vibration of rolls and avoid paper breakage. The parallelism
         of roll can be adjustable.
        Adopt energy-efficient butterfly valve end cover structure, preheat paper fully, high thermal efficiency.
        Adopt new technology system trap with compact structure and perfect performance.
        Adopt siphonal hose to avoid bad drainage caused by wrong installation of hard pipe

        Significant technical features:
        Independent drive supply.
        The surface of glue roll is engraved and plated with chrome.
        The glue roll and doctor roll driven in synchronism to reduce bounce.
        Motorized glue gap adjustment with digital display.
        The thickness of glue adjusted according to the speed difference aitomatically (Optional)
        Recycling glue supply system.
        Automatic paper broken detection device optional.
        Pneumatic ride roll. Contact bat optional.
        Installed with touch screen and PLC control.

        - DOUBLE FACER
        Significant technical features:
        Hot section heated by steam, hydraulic belt lifting.
        The number of heating chests decided by different speed requirement and board kinds. Heating chest 600mm wide.
        Pressing separately according to number of layers of board, keeping proper pressure, facilitating formation of board.
        Automatic pneumatic constant upper belt tension control.
        Motorized or auto belt alignment device to keeping better operation and reduce the belt damage.
        Weight roll or thermal bar optional. All of the weight rolls are polished.
        Main drive by special gear box with low noise.
        Heavy duty drive roll stand. The main drive rolls ate coated with rubber.
        Cotton belt and main motor are included.

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