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        • 商品名称: Single Face Production Line-2
        • 商品编号: w05
        • 上架时间: 2011-08-12
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        This is one simple single faced line to make the single faced board in sheet or reel specially for Printing House so as to save a lot of space. The Single Facer is with Electrical Power heating which can be obtained easily in every factory. Easy operation and low maintenance cost.

        Consisting of:
        1. Hydraulic mill roll stand
        2. Electrical heating fingerless single facer, inner suction system, installed with simple rewinding device
        3. Rotary shear with simple delivery

        Significant technical features:
        ● Working width: 1200 – 1800mm available
        ● Maximum machine speed: 60mpm
        ● Production speed: 40mpm maximum
        ● Flute profile: A, B, C, E, F available
        ● Cutting length range: 300 – 2000mm
        ● Cutting accuracy of rotary shear: ±2mm
        ● Maximum rewinding diameter: 900mm
        ● Installed power including the electrical heating tube: 130kw (Reference by 1600mm)

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