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        • 商品名称: Rotoslot
        • 商品编号: 17
        • 上架时间: 2013-09-17
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        - Rotoslot



        This machine is installed with new design lead edge feeder and slotting device. It can prevent the paperboards being flattened and flute being damaged to keep the strength of the paperboard stable. It can make slotting or die-cutting depends on your demand.


        ● Adopt PLC control and installed with a touch screen.

        ● Maximum quantity of order save is 99.

        ● Installed with find quality lead edge feeder (four rows feeding shafts) and vacuum transfer device. They can increase the conveying stability, speed and accuracy of the thin and bending paperboards.

        ● The side guides and back stop are installed with accurate guide mechanism and adjusted by computer stably and fast.

        ● The side guides are installed with side tapper.

        ● Skipped feeding can be optional.

        ● Installed with anvil cover regrinding device to prolong its service life.

        ● Slotting device are installed on the die-cutting cylinder:


           The transverse movement of the five slotting knives is adjusted by manual freely.

           Long knives, medium knives and short knives are optional.

           The slotting knives are from Martin Miller of Austria.

           Installed with fine quality sponge protection device to avoid damaging the paperboard.



        Model ROTOSLOT-1225 ROTOSLOT-1625
        Maximum machine speed 160sheet/min 150sheet/min
        Normal production speed 80-120sheet/min 80-120sheet/min
        Die-cutting precision ±1mm ±1mm
        Min. sheet size 400x650mm 420x650mm
        Max. sheet size (Normal feeding) 1150x2500mm 1550x2500mm
        Max. sheet size (Skip feeding) 1400x2500mm 1800x2500mm
        Max. slotting size 1200x2450mm 1600x2450mm
        Min. slotting interval 290mm 360mm
        Max. flap size 40mm 45mm
        Die-cutting blade height 25.4 x 1.42mm 25.4 x 1.42mm
        Die-cutting cylinder diameter 360mm 488mm
        Available sheet thickness 1.6-8mm 1.6-8mm


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