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        • 商品名称: Rotary Die-cutting Machine
        • 商品编号: 4-5
        • 上架时间: 2012-01-04
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        DC Series Rotary Die-cutting Machine can finish the cutting, creasing, hole-making, hand hole-making in one time, it is suitable for many kinds of corrugated paperboard and polygonal packaging. It is with a high precision, easy operation, energy saving, safe and so on.



        lHuman-Computer Interface, host electrical operating system is controlled by PLC

        lVacuum suction lead edge feeder

        lIt is equipped with flexible feeding system, so as to ensure the feeding precision.

        lThe left and right baffles are adjusted by PLC control, fast and accurately.

        lThe whole machine’s gears adopt the helical gears and are made of special alloy steel, their surface are hardenedand grinded by imported grinding machine, and with high frequency heat treatment.

        lIt is equipped with automatic spray lubrication, which improves the precision and service life greatly, and reduces running noise.

        lThe rollers are made of high quality steel, and the wall thickness is 40mm. the surface has been grinded and equalization treatment to increase the stability.

        lAdopt imported die-cutting rubber mats, they can be fixed fast and conveniently, with long service life, can be used for ten million times. The die-cutting knife-edge is smooth.

        lTherubber roller adopt the mechanical screwy device, and the distance of laterally-moving is 40mm, translational speed is balanced and reasonable. It can make the rubber mat’s service life longer.

        lThe clearance between rubber roller and die-cutting roller are controlled by pneumatic system. When feeding paper, the soft roll go down to the running position, and it will rise when stop feeding. Ensure pull apart the two rolls when there is not  paperboard get across, to protect the rubber mats from damage.

        lIt is equipped with auto recovery device; it can be repaired 4-5 times normally.At the same time, it use speed difference device, can adjust the roller speed automatically without operator intervention, to ensure every batch of carton size is fully consistent.

        lThe adjustment of die cutting phase is adjusted by planetary gears device, automatic PLC control, fast, conveniently and accurately.

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