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        • 商品名称: Corrugator/Section A
        • 商品编号: w01
        • 上架时间: 2011-08-12
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        Significant technical features:
        ● Unit for moving the reels with a trolley that carries the paper reel, moves the paper reel and put it into the proper position in the line.
        ● Installed with hydraulic station and connecting pipes.
        ●Hydraulic control on the arm lifting up / going down and level movement. Paper reels on both arms can be loaded and unloaded independently.
        ● 3” / 4” dual size expandable chuck.
        ● Multi points pneumatic braking can be optional.
        ● Available paper reel diameter 350mm – 1500mm
        ● Available working width 1200mm - 2500mm
        ● Motorized trolley can be optional.

        - AUTO SPLICER – THP Series
        Basic components:
                 1) Dancer Roll System
                 2) Splicer Carriage System
                 3) Pneumatic System
                 4) Electrical System
                 5) Control System
                 6) Mechanical Side Frame
        Model and Rated Splicing Speed:
                    THP-100 100mpm
                    THP-150 150mpm
                    THP-200 200mpm

        Significant technical features:
        ● Easy paper threading. Paper threading in one side can be completed within 35 seconds.
        ● Raise roll design, reduces paper tension upset and paper fluttering due to uneven winded rolls.
        ● Spacious interior design, with smooth paper passage through the splicer, above 95% of splice reliability can be achieved for paper with holes and tear
         edges of less than 100mm.
        ● Dual tension dampen system, tension upset is kept minimum during splice. This allows the splicer to handle low grades of paper.
        ● Tension control system, closed loop control system allows paper tension to be monitored and controlled at all times. This is a truly automatic tension
         control system.
        ● Dual dancer assembly allows smoother and higher splicing speeds.
        ● Easy paper thread up even with dual dancer assembly.
        ● Superior bonding at splice joint with unique nip rolls design results in higher reliability of splicing even with poor grade papers.
        ● Close loop control system continuously adjusts roll stand brakes for exact inertia compensation and web tension control.
        ● Pneumatic system specially designed to allow splicer to handle low grades of paper.
        ● Low speed splicers could be upgraded to higher speed in future.
        ● Proven splice reliability over 99%.
        ● User friendly icon signs.
        ● Fast and easy to install. Safe and easy to operate. Requires minimum maintenance.
        ● Designed for interface to plant's production control system.
        ● Space requirement on splicer is one of the smallest in the market.
        ● Wide varity of models from 150mpm to 300mpm to accommodate plant's production requirements and widths.

        - SINGLE FACER – SF Series
        Significant technical features:
        ● Adopt Vacuum-suction technology – Inner sucking good for micro flute performing.
        ● The Corrugating Roll material is 48 CrMo steel. Its surface is with hardened treatment and precision regrinding. The hardness of its surface is HRC58-62.
        ● Stable service behaviors of main motor.
        ● The working surface of each Paper-Guiding Roll, Preheated and Pressure Roll is polished.
        ● The surface of Applicator Roll is embossed with cross hatch and plated with chrome.
        ● The surface of Doctor-Roll was polished and plated with chrome.
        ● Require working steam pressure: 1.1-1.2 MPa.
        ● The Pressure Roll is made from high-quality steel and adopted heat treatment. Its Surface IS polished, plated with chrome, rust-proof and wear-proof.
        ● Maximum machine speed 200m/min.
        ● Available width 1400mm – 2500mm

        - TWIN FACER TF-Series

        Significant technical features:
        ● Two (2) sets of corrugating rolls (A – B – C – D – E – F – G) are incorporated in one machine. One flute unit is working while another is warming up.
        ● Fastest flute change. The flute change can be performed in about 3 minutes.
        ● Two (2) glue applicator units, one (1) pressure roll.
        ● Vacuum suction system with negative pressure provides perfect flute shape.
        ● Individual driving gear box improves running stability.
        ● The corrugating roll is made of special alloy steel with grinding process and induction hardened with of hardness HRC55-58;.
        ● Auto-circulating glue feeding system is provided, motorized glue application amount.
        ● The flute formation is hydraulic controlled, glue application is pneumatic controlled.
        ● Main bearings are all lubricated with special grease to provide outstanding sealing performance and reliable lubricating.
        ● Easy operation by the central control desk incorporated with a touch screen can display:
          - Corrugator speed
          - Twin facer speed
          - Glue unit move in-out air pressure
          - Glue application gap
          - Corrugating roll / pressure roll temperature (Optional)
        ● Maximum machine speed 160m/min.
        ● Available width 1400mm – 2500mm

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