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        • 商品名称: Single Face Production Line-1
        • 商品编号: w04
        • 上架时间: 2011-08-12
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        Significant technical features:
        ● Unit for moving the reels with a trolley that carries the paper reels to move the reel and put it in the center of the line.
        ● Installed with hydraulic station.
        ● Hydraulic control on the arm lifting / getting down and level movement.
        ● 3” / 4” dual size expandable chuck.
        ● Multi points pneumatic braking.
        ● Available paper reel diameter 350mm – 1500mm
        ● Available working width 1200mm - 2500mm
        ● Motorized dolly can be optional.

        - COMBI FACER – CF Series



        Modular Fingerless Single Facer with interchangeable flute units allowing unlimited numbers of flute changes in a few minutes by the machine operator.

        The COMBI FACER consists of 3 Modules:
        A) Stationary Unit
        B) Flute Unit
        C) Glue Applicator Unit

        The 3 modules are locked pneumatically.
        Quick disconnect fittings are provided for steam, condensate and pneumatic connections.
        Base rails include side tracking and parking rails for three flute units.
        Significant technical features:
        ● Heavy duty construction for running at high speed without vibrations.
        ● Quick multi flute change system, flute unit complete with corrugating rolls and press roll.
        ● Unlimited number of profiles possible, modules not in production parked outside of the line, easy access for cleaning and maintenance.
        ● Proofen vacuum system for fingerless operation, simple to adjust, low maintenance, easy access.
        ● Standard designed corrugating rolls, thus affordable price for regrinding/replacement rolls.
        ● Integrated liner preheating cylinder.
        ● PLC control system for automatic glue gap setting.
        ● Profile change by one operator only in 10 -15 minutes (from run to run).
        ● Long-life lubrication for the cylinders, low maintenance required.
        ● Free standing operator desk with touch screen color monitor.
        ● Maximum speed 150m/min.
        ● Available width 1200mm – 2000mm

        - SINGLE FACER – SFS Series
        Significant technical features:
        ● Adopt finger less vacuum-suction technology
        ● Flute profile available: A, B, C, E, F, etc.
        ● The Corrugating Roll material is 48 CrMo alloy steel and its surface is hardened treatment by chrome plated and precision regrinding. The hardness of its
         surface is HRC58-62.
        ● Stable service behaviors of main motor.
        ● The working surface of each Paper-Guiding Roll, Preheated and Pressure Roll is polished.
        ● The surface of Applicator Roll is embossed with cross hatch and plated with chrome.
        ● The surface of Doctor-Roll was polished and plated with chrome.
        ● Require working steam pressure: 1.1-1.2 MPa.
        ● The Pressure Roll is made from high-quality steel and adopted heat treatment. Its Surface is polished, plated with chrome, rust-proof and wear-proof.
        ● Maximum machine speed 100m/min.
        ● Available width 1400mm – 2000mm



        Significant technical features:
        ● Maximum working width available: 1200mm – 1800mm
        ● Minimum slitting width: 220mm
        ● Maximum board thickness: ≤6mm
        ● Thin alloy steel blade
        ● 3 outs maximum
        ● Maximum working width: 1600mm
        ● Cutting length range: 350 – 1600mm
        ● Maximum mechanical speed: 120mpm
        ● Straight blade standard / Helical blade optional
        ● Cutting accuracy: ±1mm
        ● PLC control
        ● Batch delivery



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