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        • 商品名称: GHFY Thin Blade Slitter Scorer
        • 商品编号: 14
        • 上架时间: 2011-08-15
        • Views : 449

        This machine can overcome the rough edges and cracking caused by traditional thick blade slitting, the paperboard’s edges after slitting can be tidy, straight, smooth, clean and no crush, improve the quality and appearance of the paperboard, especially it can improve the printing effect of the next procedure.

        ● Adopt high quality alloy blade(thickness is 1mm).
        ● Adopt high quality rubber roller to feed paperboard, stable and no indentation.
        ● Automatic, manual grinding the blade, keep the blade sharp to ensure the slitting smoothly.
        ● Scoring wheel adopt the high quality rubber roll, can make the line clear and no indentation.
        ● Transmission part adopt the sliding cross-head and helical gears, with high precision and longer service life.
        ● Adopt micro worm gear box to make adjustment, accurately and easily.
        ● Worktable is made of steel board of 6mm thickness, stable and firm.

        Technical parameters:
        Model GHFY-2500 GHFY-2200 GHFY-2000
        Max. feeding size 2500 mm 2200mm 2000mm
        Max. speed 141m/min
        Slitter blade 4 blades 6 lines
        Min. slitting width 220mm
        Min. scoring width 200mm
        Thin blade outside ¢260x1mm
        Power 4.0KW

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